About this Episode

GUEST: Kara Loewentheil

A lack of confidence can undermine any effort to be truly successful. Although most of us recognize we aren’t as confident as we’d like to be, we remain blissfully unaware of how we camouflage this lack of confidence, thus ensuring it continues to thrive. This episode is for the warrior designer in you!

In this episode we learn:
– the key to creating the career you want is confidence
– we are all taught that confidence is created by external accomplishments, but that is wrong—confidence is created by your thoughts
– when you are responsible for creating business for yourself, you HAVE to have your mindset right
– the best tool to use for confidence is to practice neutral to positive thoughts; use thoughts you can believe NOW, not positive thoughts you don’t believe at all
– the best tool to use for sales/consult conversations is to create value and communicate that value—emphasize your RESULTS
– build your confidence by changing your thoughts