Can You Raise Children on a White Sofa?

Featured in OrangeLife Magazine | Article by Deena Waisberg

The visit started well. But with cupcakes devoured, their daughter was up and out of her seat. Though my friends brought along toys, she found something much more entertaining— my sunroom blinds, which have little metal weights in the bottom to hold them in place. In a flash, the “tiny redecorator” was removing the metal weights from my blinds, one by one. Eek! Thankfully my friends put a stop to their daughter’s redecorating efforts and I breathed a sigh of relief. But after the visit, when I put the weights back in the blinds, for some reason they no longer all hung at the correct angle. Some twisted. Not that I’m irked or anything. Too much. You’ve got to be a little relaxed when it comes to children, right? But the visit did make me wonder whether children are destined to be a danger to décor and whether you can still live stylishly when you have children?